4 Tips to Hang Your Artwork at Home

Interior design is not as just about asking an interior designer to design your house and assuming that it would look fantastic after the finish of the renovation. Part of making you home look great would be the soft finishing. The sofa, the table, the curtain, the decor and other many items put together to make the house call home.

Design is not where it was 10 to 20 years ago, where you had to pick a style and commit to it. Now, it’s about finding a unique, eclectic mix and letting your imagination go a bit. by Vern Yip.

Art work is a very important part home decor, it can help to make a boring wall to look more interesting. More and more people buy art work and many of them do not know how to care for their art work. Many ideas to decorate your home with a piece of art.

Where can you hang your piece of art?

The living room

Most people spent many hours entertaining guest at the living room and it is a place. You can place a welcome art piece on the side wall of the entrance and this is the first impression of the house. If your sofa somehow need to lean against wall, putting a art behind the wall is also a good ideas and is good ideas to choose small art size to form a big art, so that can be appreciate at the closer distance.

A good place to hang art piece would be above the fire place and without more to say you would knows that you need a larger piece of art to hang there to draw attention and making a statement.

Make sure the art where you hang is visible for people view when entering your living no pointing hanging some art where no people can see.

The staircase or the walkway

If you have a landing between 2 floor and the side of the wall leading to the second floor or the walkway leading to the bedroom. All those places are great place to hang art. It would help them to make the boring long climb and walk more interesting and probably people would pause and appreciate the art before continues. Remember this is narrow and shorter distance to view during climb and walk. Do not place large art work along the wall.

The Bedroom

Choosing the right art work for your bedroom is important as it play an important part in creating the mood of the room. It must give people a sense of relaxation and romantic feel. purple is for romantic and green is for relaxation. And pick middle size or small size art for the room is prefer. Do not overcrowded with many pieces, try creating a theme and the flow that enhance the mood for the room. Placing your art at location where is visible nothing block when you standing in the room.

The Dining Area and kitchen

Flower and food pictures will add interesting balance to the kitchen and dining area.

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