6 Ways to Enhance The Room Appearance by Paint Colour

We have been asked many times about how to use paint to enhance the appearance of the room. Be it to heighten low ceiling or how to make the room more interesting color can be use in such a way like cosmetic make up – highlight the good feature of the face or camouflage any blemishes by using more face powder onto it.

As interior designer or interior decorator, we usually ask question like are you going to have a new set of furniture for the room or are you going to keep the existing one. And further more discuss what color to be use for the room.

What happen to when you have a low ceiling?

1. Light colour or white colour for the ceiling would be best to use when you having low ceiling and more of the time white colour is wisely used to add height to the room. Let us give you a example when you look into the sky of white cloud compare to black and dark cloud, do you notice that the dark cloud appear to be lower and closer to you?

2. Our eyes always playing trick on us but sometime it is good as it can create the illusion of height when the colour continuing on to the cornice and the skirting as it extended the wall height.

3. Sometime the architectural feature such as dado rail or wall panels make the room shorten and camouflage the detail or hiding the problem by painting them the same colour would make the room heighten.

How to make you room interesting?

4. Horizontal and vertical stripes are some simple way to make your room more interesting and if you add more excitement to the stripe you can always make the stripe in differ width. Remember it will be more work.

5. The most common way is to paint one wall into different colour from the rest of the walls as to throw it out of balance. Remember when are you going to place your furniture and you do not want your wardrobe cover the wall in different colour.

What happen when you got an awkward room?

6. A beam along the ceiling or a sloping ceiling do hard to make a decision on how to paint the ceiling. Normally, we would paint the beam with the same colour of the ceiling. But if you get a sloping ceiling next to the wall, the best way is to paint it with one colour and it will solve the problem. Do not get to the place where the paint ends.

Make the room looks beautiful can you apply easily if you are able to combine various colors and furniture to get maximum results. If you apply the way that we have explained, we are sure that you can make every room in your home be more gorgeous. Lastly, Thank you for taking your time reading our article. We hope the explanation that we convey is useful for you to paint your room. Have a nice day.

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