How to Pick The Best Colour to Decorate Your Home

The art on using colour is part of the home decor and when understand the use of colour it’s easy to decorate your room. Red is rousing, aggressive colour not often used in adults’ bedrooms for the simple reason that it is not conducive to restful repose. Yellow is, likewise, not a ‘bedroom’ colour because it is believed to be over stimulating, create turmoil and encouraging intellectual activity – not what bedrooms are designed for. Hotel bedrooms are rarely if ever decorative in yellow, because such rooms apparently prove unpopular with guests compare with, say, predominantly pink rooms. In fact, if you listen to the theorists. There is no brilliant colour that is going to give you a refreshing night’s sleep.

The answer to this conundrum is a pragmatic one. If you want to use a bright colour in the bedroom, make sure you surround it with white, pale neutrals or clean pale shades. Limit the bright colour to areaslike wardrobe doors or section of one wall, and see if you get any sleep. Alternatively, use furnishings and accessories to give the room accents of bright colour – big pillows for reading, for example, or a brilliantly coloured bed cover. Or hang a large bright picture (or a collection of small ones) on one wall.

Red and Orange are consider excellent colours for dining rooms and dining areas because, being inherently physical rather than intellectual colours. They encourage the eating and disgesting of food (orange is even thought to make you hungry). Certainly rich, deep shades of red have been used for centuries in dining rooms of grand historic houses. In a kitchen, however, red may make things seem too hot for comfort.

Green, being at the centre of the spectrum and also the most common colour in nature, is considered balancing influence. It is therefore suitable for any room in the house. Blue is likewise a calming colour and immediately provokes images of sky, sea and wide open spaces. The segment of the spectrum containing the cool colours. from blue through green, is popular for kitchens, while yellow, an optimistic and creative colour, is considered a positive influence in a study or home office.

Blue is a popular colour for bathrooms because of its watery associations, and with warm lighting it is not unflattering. However, the most popular colour for bathroom is white, with its connotations of fresh cleanliness. Accessorising with brightly colour towels, soaps or picture can stop a plain white bathroom from seeming clinical.

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