Tips And Ideas About Choosing The Right Mattress

The other day our client ask us few questions on what kind of mattress to buy and what kind of bed frame for the mattress. We was surprise and curious about their question. We never though people would pay attention about buying what kind of bed frame for the mattress. Most question from our clients normally is does this bed frame look nice in our room and will it look good?

We likes to share some knowledge about what we know about mattress and bedroom frame and hope it would be useful:

Anyway, The first thing about bed frame is they come is:

  • King 183cm x 190cm 6′ x 6′ 3″
  • Queen 152cm x 190cm 5′ x 6′ 3″
  • Super Single 107cm x 190cm 3′ 6″ x 6′ 3″
  • Single 91 cm x 190cm 3′ x 6′ 3″

Did you know that there is a Super King 180cmx 200cm 6′ x 6’6″ and not many shop sell super king size frame and mattress? We only knows a bit about mattress. We try the best to explain in simple term. Hope that it would help you choose the right size bed and mattress.

What kind of mattress suitable for you?

4 basic of mattress as we know of are:

  • Memory form Mattress
  • Latex Mattress
  • Bonnell Spring Mattress
  • Pocketed Spring Mattress

Memory Foam Mattress

As what we knows memory form is a man made form which is invented by NASA and it also known as visco elastic form. The amazing about this kind of form as it responds to our body heat and moulding to the contours of our body. And its can return to it originate shape when heat and pressure remove. Intelligent mattress you can call them. Do you know that it also say that it good for relieving pressure and posture stress of our body? Platform bed frame support is best and suitable for memory foam mattress.

Latex Foam Mattress

Latex come from rubber tree. Rubber tree come from Indonesia Malaysia and some Asia countries. We remember when we was young we use to cut groove to collect sap from the tree and we use it to catch dragonfly. We didn’t realize only recent year that latex use in modern day mattress. Base on what we read latex is hypoallergenic and anti microbial in another simply term it is safe for sensitive skin people and latex do not encourage bacterias growth. Latex can to relieve pressure and give comfort support by molding the body contours. Nowadays, many spring mattress have a layer of latex form as to provide better support. Platform bed frame is best and suitable for latex foam mattress.

Pocketed Spring

Pocketed spring was say to invented during the late 19th century. Each individuals springs are wrapped in fabric encasement and work independently. It mattress work in the same way like latex and memory form mattress which able to mould to the contours of individuals body. It mean that it won’t disturb your partner during sleeping. It also say that spring coil design to relieves pressure and posture stress effectively. Normally, the expensive mattress of pockets spring have lay of latex form on top of it. Slatted bed frame support is most suitable for pocket spring.

Bonnell Spring mattress

Bonnell Spring mattress is say to be cheapest of sping mattress of all and Bonnell spring is sometime known as open coil unit system. Bonnell mattress have many helical coil springs inside and connected in a rows. For Bonnell spring mattress it needed a layer of tough padding to separates the coils keeping its in place and if the padding is not well assembling together, it can be uncomfortable during sleep. Bonnell mattress normally feel harder as compare to spring mattress and it can be very disturbing when your partner row about on the bed. Slatted bed frame support is most suitable for spring mattress.

Air and Water mattress

The not very common mattress were be air and water bed mattress. The quality and the price of air and water mattress can be expensive compare a typical spring mattresses. Plate form frame support is recommended for this type of mattresses.

When we visit the mattress shops the sales assistance would present with you all the technical and scientific terminologies explaining how good is their mattress compare with other manufacturer. Basically most mattress work on the same theoretical probably you were care about whether do you feel comfortable lying on the mattress. Some people likes it to be hard and some likes it to be soft but ultimately the best one is the one you feel comfortable with.

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